Batik - A Painting Workshop with Nico


Batik is a centuries old textile art based on the technique of decorating and (repeatedly) dyeing a fabric by using removable wax to save the parts of the fabric that are not intended to be dyed.

Different forms of batik have been identified in China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Central Asia, Africa, Egypt and Europe but the Malaysians and the Indonesians (especially the Javanese) have worked passionately and constantly on perfecting this art. The abundance of materials such as wax, vegetable paste, paraffin and dyes and the tropical weather conditions in SE Asia make it a perfect place to nurture a constant development of this art!

The batik technique is based on applying layers of wax and layers of colors successively. Depending on the size of the cloth and the complexity of the design, it can take up to several days to be completed – if it is made by hand.

Why batik can improve your life?

You might have recently passed through a bookstore and you might have noticed a whole wall dedicated to coloring books for adults?! This is the global hype at the moment! From Europe to Asia and the US, coloring books for adults are selling like crazy, validated by new scientific research that agrees that coloring is a type of meditation and a way of exercising mindfulness, while blocking negative thoughts. So, coloring is therapeutic! Finally, science goes ahead to confirm this now, but the batik artists and any other type of artists since forever must have known this already from their own experience! Doing art is a way to relieve stress and to express emotions.

Nico,a Romanian from Bucharest who has spent a year studying the art in Indonesia will be spending the afternoon at The Hatchery Place to facilitate the workshop.

In this workshop, we are going to use a small (A4) piece of cloth requires about 1.5-2 hours for design and coloring, then up to 2-3 hours (waiting time) for drying and applying color fixative and removing the wax.

You'll be taking home your own piece of unique batik design created and colored by you!

Come and join us to spend a fun, relaxed, and creative Saturday afternoon together while learning the ancient art technique!

RM55 per person, seats are limited, so get your ticket now.
Materials will be provided, light refreshments will be served.

Additional snacks and drinks for the afternoon are available for purchase for those who likes munching away ;)

(You may also bring along your own design to draw and paint on your cloth)

Sat Aug 6, 2016
12:30 PM - 5:30 PM MYT
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The Hatchery Place, USJ Subang Jaya
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